Payday Loans That Are made Easy

Pawning an item, means taking out a loan against a valuable asset that someone owns. When they bring your item to a pawnshop, they are in turn given cash, as a means to hold on to the item until they repay the loan. Unlike a payday advance that extracts the amount due from the following paycheck pushing the borrower right back where they started. They call this robbing Peter to pay Paul.

If the borrower is unable to pay back the loan, there are extensions and interest rates as low as 2%. This is what makes this type of loan easier to deal with, eliminating credit checks and defaults that could ruin a credit score.

When in a bind and there are no other options, pawnshop loans can help you out of financial binds.

Gems N' Loans has over 25 years experience working with customers in and around Temecula.


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